Youth Work

Supporting & developing the youth of London

Mother & Child Welfare Organisation [MACWO] focuses on enabling the black and minority ethnic (BAME) youth communities across London.    Our youth faces many challenges including; serious youth violence, mental health challenges, wellbeing issues, extremism and influence from gangs and drugs. We advocate, facilitate and support a number of different programmes across our centres. These programmes aim to deliver youth-focused initiatives to provide advocacy, education and tangible solutions to the challenges our youth communities experience. Through our work we want to positively impact youth, building their character, giving them a voice and a platform to express their skills and talents with the hope of positively influencing the next generation. The impact of our work growing with more youth getting involved to deliver youth-led initiatives for youth communities.

Our programmes give youth a chance to grow their confidence, enabling every young person to have a voice, a friend and a safe place to socialise and grow good characteristics. We want to give our youth opportunities to learn and develop.

With frequent contact points and consistent developmental work, we have seen many youths considered ‘at risk’ begin to develop beneficial traits, habits and behaviours which lead to a balanced and positive lifestyle. We deliver workshops, team building activities, mentoring programmes and sports initiatives. There are always programmes and projects on for the youth here at MACWO.

Working with young people from schools, referral units, young offender institutions and prisons. We run a wide programme of workshops that are delivered by our MACWO volunteer role models, mentors and partner organisations to inspire young people to think practically about building a life based on good values and balance. We aim to equip them with the skills to manage their social, emotional and behavioural issues so that they can integrate in harmony with their wider community and become future role models that benefit the next generation of youth.

At MACWO we encourage an active and healthy lifestyle, we ensure there is always plenty of fitness and sports-related programmes available to our youth. We want children and young people to enjoy all the benefits that come from being active and to build positive attitudes to sport and activity as the foundations of an active life.

Please ensure you stay up to date with the governments and national youth agency advice on COVID-19 below.

We run networking sessions for young people from black and  minority ethnic  (BAME) backgrounds to inspire them to think about how they can realise their full potential in education, employment and entrepreneurship. We introduce them to role models from similar backgrounds, in order to influence them positively. Through these networking sessions, youth benefit from socialising and speaking to individuals whom they deem successful in their fields of interest, this has been a great method to break down barriers and illustrate that success is achievable through dedication and hard work.

We are a member of London Youth who provides a range of opportunities to youth communities and organisations across our capital.

To learn about how our organisation and similar organisations are working together to make a difference for the youth of London, head over to the London Youth website.