“Mother and Child have helped me a lot. I come from nothing basically, a poor household. I had no money. I used to have to sell drugs to get money to buy my brother a school uniform. Khadra especially has helped me realise I am better than that, she’s made me a better person. Mother and Child helped me with my CV, helped me to go to college, helped me to get a part-time job. I thank you very much if it wasn’t for you, I would be selling drugs, I would be arrested or shot or dead. Mother and Child have helped me move from a very bad area to a safe location. Thank you Khadra for everything you have done. Thank you, Mother and Child, keep the hard work going, thank you. ”

Hassan, 22, London

“ I was excluded from school because my behaviour was no good. After that, I was involved with the wrong people and I helped to pass on money for drug criminals. At the time, I thought that was my only choice. My mum had a stroke. After a couple of months, she was dead. I used to think to myself that maybe I was born to be sad. Then I met Mother and Child. Khadra communicated with me like nobody I’d ever met. She made me listen to her and I realised I was in a very sad situation but I could change it. I did an Apprenticeship in IT and got a diploma at level 3. I started at university last year. Now I am helping Mother and Child to work with young people. ”

Nasra, 22, London

“Mother and Child really helped me a lot, because they don’t just help Somalis, they help me, I’m Ghanaian, they help all different types of races and religions. They really help you to study efficiently with frequent timing during the week. They help us as a community to get off the roads, and they help us achieve our dreams. I’m really grateful for the hard work they’ve done for me, they’re always there for you, they have a lot of support, if you want to make it in different stuff, they will help you, they have a wide range of staff who will help you. ”

Michael, 21, London