Ex-Offenders and Prison Support

Working closely with ex-offenders, prisons and families

Mother & Child Welfare Organisation [MACWO] has been supporting the rehabilitation of people leaving prison since 2010. We work with people of all ages and backgrounds helping to reduce the number of people who re-offend after leaving prison. Between a quarter and a third of prisoners released from custody in the UK re-offend within a year of being released. Many ex-offenders face complex circumstances that introduce barriers which can discourage them from positive change. With the right support, we hope to help break the cycle which is often ingrained in their mindsets, social networks and families. We implement a prison visiting programme ensuring we identify people who need rehabilitation support. Our work focuses on establishing and facilitating an enriching connection between offenders, their families and our teams.

We work in close partnership with prisons such as HM Prison Wormwood Scrubs and detention centres including Brook House. We work closely with local police, probation services, community safety organisations and local councils to ensure that ex-offenders are supported holistically. Working in partnership with other service providers is key to ensure we maximise the chance of making lasting changes to the lives of our ex-offender community.

Our services include employment, housing, benefits and lifestyle support through various contact approaches including mentoring, workshops, personal development initiatives and volunteering opportunities. We also provide 1-to-1 support in a focused setting with ex-offenders who require more intensive guidance.

Listen to a MACWO ex-offender volunteer


Through our prison visits, we enable prisoners to build a support network with our teams, by being a consistent and dependable source of support, we earn the ability to positively influence their lives.

We work with prison authorities and chaplains to motivate prisoners to make positive choices and pursue the right opportunities after their sentence.

In addition, we offer our help by providing information and extending our network to families who need support with legal matters, court procedures and probation.

Guidance on visiting people in Prison

To visit someone in prison you must be aged 18 or over, or under 18 and accompanied by an eligible adult.

You must also be either:

  • partner, parent, sibling, child, foster-parent, grandparent
  • carer or someone who the prisoner relies on for emotional support

If you’re visiting a young offender institute or secure training centre, you can also visit if you’re a social worker for looked after children.

For families that need more information, you can also reach out to he National Prisoners’ Families Helpline

info@prisonersfamilies.org | Telephone: 0808 808 2003

We provide support with the court and legal matters here at MACWO through our team and volunteer community.

However, if you need immediate information on free or affordable legal advice we recommend visiting your local Citizens Advice.