Our charity, our community

Established in 2007

Mother & Child Welfare Organisation [MACWO] is a London based charity set up to provide support for vulnerable mothers and young people across our capital. Our work is centred on delivering direct community-level support, to the people who need it most.

Our services are based on family values that support mothers, providing them with advice, skills and access to local authority services. We also connect with local prisons through our prison visit service which brings families together to create support groups. We work with ex-offenders, providing them with a path to a better life through personal and professional development and we support youth initiatives across London connecting local communities, authorities and groups with our youth to provide opportunities, developing our future leaders.

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Survey of refugee communities in London

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We focus on working with the ex-offenders to minimise the risk of re-offending. We work with prison authorities and chaplains to motivate prisoners to make positive choices and pursue the right opportunities during and after their sentence.

Mental health

We actively engage in raising awareness and providing support to people who are affected by mental health issues. We deliver workshops, peer support sessions and connect people to local organisations that provide advice, support and guidance.

Skills training

We run community and culture tailored English language, Digital inclusion and Functional skills training courses via our centres and online. We work with groups or individuals to maximise learning with a focus on practical and achievable goals.