Families and Schools

Putting families at the heart of our work

Problems outside the classroom can impact a child’s learning and development at school. We work with families around a child to add tangible, sustainable and positive value to both the family and child. We support children to gain the most out of their education, our aim is to facilitate a stable and nurturing environment by helping families with any problems they are facing. We focus on supporting issues around housing, concerns about money, and support with the council or local authority services whilst providing pastoral support for children in schools.

People contact us about all aspects of family life including, pregnancy, early stages of a child’s development, school issues and parenting/relationship support. We also respond when life becomes more complicated and provide support around family breakdown, aggression in the home, bullying, teenage risky behaviour and mental health concerns of both parents and their children.

For external issues that impact families we provide direct support too for example, employment, housing, council and benefits issues. We work with families by helping parents/carers and their children find practical solutions to real world problems.

In addition, we can work with staff and teachers at schools where necessary to provide another layer of help to ease the pressures of communication and expectations where there may be a language or cultural understanding barriers. In situations like this, we deploy our volunteers that are best matched to help families and schools work together to enrich the lives of the children involved.