Advice and Mediation

Clarify your concerns and explore your options

Advice, support and mediation can help resolve issues around parenting, property and finance when a couple is going through a divorce or separation. Many people do not know what to expect from separation or divorce mediation and there is a lot of apprehension around receiving advice. We help families to access appropriate advice and mediation services. We also connect families to legal advice services where necessary. Where possible, we utilise our network to connect people to organisations that are in their locality and we provide support of our volunteers to be part of the mediation and advice journey with families who may be going through issues for the first time. At MACWO we want to be with you as much as you may need us.

We are available to provide counselling, advice and practical support for everyone in our community. We help them to think through their problems and provide signposting and support for them to seek beneficial solutions. You may be in a relationship where you’re arguing a lot or you might be struggling to talk to your partner. You might be thinking about ending your relationship or coming to terms with a break-up. You may be a happy couple who want to make your relationship even stronger or a couple who have chosen to separate and want to do it in the healthiest way possible.

Whatever the issue, we will not judge you and everything you say will be confidential. Our volunteers are happy to listen and advise where appropriate and we’ll always seek to guide all our couples to professional support where required.

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If you feel you’re struggling or need some help with your relationship.

Or you simply want to talk to someone and gain access to useful information.

Please feel free to drop us a message and we’ll get back to organise a chat with someone from our team that may be able to help.

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