Our vision is to help impoverished communities worldwide. We believe we can do this by providing support in the

areas and communities we are based in. We can help other communities in other areas of the world by

communicating and working with other charities and organisations.


Mothers and children are the basis of every society, everyone is born from a mother. and everyone is a child at one point in their life. On this premise, we believe it is the utmost importance to have strong foundations for all parents and children across the world.


This organisation was founded to assist all the people who come from struggling backgrounds; particularly vulnerable parents, children and youth. Whether someone is having issues mentally or financially, we try to provide resources to give these individuals the ability to be independent and to find happiness in life.


Mother and child welfare organisation (MACWO) focuses on providing physical, emotional and educational support to vulnerable inner-city mothers and children as well as young people.We are called Mother and Child Welfare Organisation because we try to provide the nurturing qualities a mother naturally does for a child. Not everyone has the privilege of coming from a stable and loving background.